The Chakras

Robert Aldo DiVirgilio

The chakras may be defined as the interface point between the physical aspects of the human body and the subtle, non-physical framework from which the physical is derived. Indeed the physical body itself and all its attributes, including illness and disease are first laid-out, formed, within the surrounding auric layers before manifestation in the physical.

The chakras are also known as vortexes, each vortex/chakra is a receiver and transmitter of electro-magnetic patterns of energy. Each vortex (chakra) corresponds to a level of consciousness (awareness) and serves as the "channel" for that energy, for that thought-form to enter the system. Each chakra has its corresponding layer in the Auric Body, each of the chakras has seven layers, each corresponding to a layer in the auric field. Energy flows from one auric layer to another through the chakras.

These layers are sometimes called bodies (auric bodies) and they interpenetrate and surround each other in successive layers. Each succeeding body is composed of finer substances and higher "vibrations" of frequencies than the body that it surrounds and interpenetrates.

Each chakra rotates at a specific speed that correlates with the frequency of information to which it is tuned. The vitality of each center, measured, as a function of rotation and distance outwardly projected from the body is a determining factor in the health of the human body.

To the degree the chakra system is maintained at the optimal rotational speed and extended outward from the body, to that degree will the cells dependent upon that vital center for the "life force" receive the proper compliment of information through the interfacing membrane of the chakra.

The First Chakra, located at the base of the spine is the Survival Chakra, this is the seat of your power, where the core issues of identity and survival are the primary lessons to be explored. Most of the time we are not concerned with the basic ingredients of immediate survival; breathing, digesting our food, the basic life-giving processes of the physical body. Yet when we dwell on thoughts of fear and death, disease and destruction, we interfere with and contain the natural flow of energy of the Survival Chakra. When you trust and love yourself, energy can enter the first chakra to bolster your own self-worth and transmute the primal fear of being able to survive in the physical body.

The Second Chakra, located below the belly button is the Sexual/Creative Chakra. Everyone encounters the raw power of sexual energy, yet very few understand the deep psychic and spiritual exchanges that occur when you engage in sexual intimacy. Sex, procreation and creative expression are are essentially an experience of the body and physical life. Yet our societies have made this natural process into a moral issue. So it is that guilt, fear, repression, resentment, confusion and self-hate block the flow of energy into the Sexual Chakra. This chakra serves as the opening through which the frequencies of your identity and your partner merge to become creatively interwoven. Your sexual identity empowers you in physical reality to build bridges of love and spiritual awareness between physical and non-physical reality.

The Third Chakra, located at the solar plexus, the Chakra of Self-Esteem, serves as the center of feeling, intuition and willpower. It is the center out of which  the flow of life becomes animated and activates through will and power. You must learn to pay attention to your body and acknowledge the feelings that are registered in your gut. The desire to accomplish, to bring forth into form is moved through this center and out to the world. By recognizing the  purpose and function of the third chakra, we can quickly understand the subtle nuances of most any situation as we honor our feelings as a valuable resource for discerning reality. Thoughts of fear, powerlessness self-doubt and confusion stop the energizing of our inner feelings and thoughts into form.

The Fourth Chakra, also known as the Heart Chakra, is located in the mid-point of the physical body and balances the three chakras above of spiritual reception and the three below it of earthly expression, and serves as the vortex through which moves love, the glue of the universe. It is the vortex through which thoughts begin the process of taking form. Tiny packets of electrified thought patterns arrive at the heart chakra and become animated with the glue that holds all creative expression together. Here we find "emotional intelligence," appreciation for the beauty of life is especially important for opening the heart chakra. Thoughts of sadness, separateness, self-hate and fear stop the flow of creativity.

The Fifth Chakra, located at the throat, is the Communication Chakra, the next level of creative expression. through this center, we learn lessons about the power of words through speaking ones truth and expressing our ideas. The communication chakra takes the ideas presented through inspiration and organizes these insights into cohesive concepts. Lessons of the fifth chakra involve freeing yourself from doubts and inner worries concerning potential criticism and condemnation for speaking your mind. Thoughts of unworthiness, fear, stupidity and aggression stop the flow of inspiration and paralyze this center, resulting in miscommunication and disorder.

The Sixth Chakra, located at the center of the forehead, has been called the "third eye,"  because it provides insight (seeing between dimensions), intuition (inner knowledge) and psychic ability (seeing what can not be seen with physical eyes) It serves as a center between spirit and creation. Lessons here involve overcoming the fear of what your enhanced senses perceive in order to fully tap in to the mysteries revealed through the development of "inner sight." Fear of the unknown, the unseen and the unheard, restructure the energies here and cause feelings of separateness, misunderstanding and loss of self worth.

The Seventh Chakra, located at the top of the head, known as the Crown Chakra, is our highest frequency receiver of "all that is" this dynamic center connects the physical nervous system with the cosmic mind, the entry point of knowledge beyond the known. It allows us to open directly to the God Force, the Soul Essence, the Higher Self and experience a peace which passes all understanding. The lessons of this center are many faceted, and they essentially involve maintaining the fine balance of integrity required for journeys between physical and non-physical realities. Thoughts of unworthiness, a lack of deserving, a fear of life and death restrict the flow of the source of all power.


Each chakra is associated with and endocrine gland within a system of glands (and a major nerve plexus) The glands function as transformers in our bodies, the purpose of these transformers is to step down the higher frequency information from subtle portions of the universal energy field to the coarser human energy systems at manageable units lower in frequency.

The colors appear from the 'root' or "first chakra" to the 'crown' or "seventh chakra" in a specific order. The ordering of these colors should appear very familiar as they are identical to those seen in natural phenomenon where light is broken down into its constituent frequencies; the colors of the rainbow. Each color expresses a range of frequencies that fall within specific wavelenghts of radiant information. 

Each chakra is specifically designed to act at a certain level of frequency as a tuned and resonate antennae, intercepting specific wavelenghts of naturally occurring radiant information, also known as the Universal Energy Field and stepping down that information to manageable frequencies for the body to assimilate. The spin rate of the chakra is part of this tuning, with the higher chakra centers rotating much faster than the lower counterparts.

A direct relationship exists between each individual chakra and the specific ranges of energy within this Universal Energy Field. Chakras are our interface points, the "energetic organs" linking various aspects of our body to their non-physical counterpoints within the grids of this energy field. Through this resonate relationship we are offered access to the entire range of creation as an infinite matrix of information. Each chakra, through its spin rate, is tuned to vibrate within a specific range of frequency.

These frequencies determine to which portions of the information they are tuned allowing the remaining information to pass.  Chakras are not only metabolizers of energy. They serve to tell us about the world around us.