Theraputic Massage

My experiences with Massage Therapy began in the early 90's while living in Hawaii, I had been employed at a golf course for many years there, eventually while at work I began to notice a loss of sensation/feeling in my right arm & hand. My Doctor asked what I did for work, when I told him that I was a greenskeeper he replied; "no wonder." He ended up telling me then and there that I was now out of work and that I would be going to massage therapy three times weekly for a month and after I was to report back to him.

I went for my massage therapy at the East/West Clinic in Keeau. there they offered Massage, Acupuncture and Chiropractic Therapies. I had several therapists there as I ended up going for 3 months. I was there to heal and the therapist gave me all they had, they were happy to have a client who really wanted to get better and worked with the pain, also they enjoyed using all their "techniques" I first received CranioSacral Therapy there. Before starting my Second Month of therapy at the clinic, the director told me that they're going to send me out once weekly to a Rolfer, as it was felt that I would greatly benefit from Rolfing and they did not provide this service there.

I ended up moving to the other side of the Island and care taking the Rolfers 4 acre gentleman's farm on the slopes of Mauna Loa in Kealekekua, as he could no longer live there himself, the name of this property was; He Ha Ola Hou which translates to; New Breath of Life, it had a cabin a watershed, solar panels and was thoroughly planted in fruits and fruit trees, there was lots of work to do when I felt up to it and free time when I didn't, this farm became my physical therapy. I also found snorkeling the Kona Coast of great therapeutic value, swimming with the neck relaxed! My therapy continued on and off for almost a two year period, this due to the Insurance Co's default of denying prescribed therapies, which led to Hearings which tend to favor the Medical Advice.

In Kona I reestablished myself with a new Doctor and I re-entered into Massage therapy, at one point my Doctor told me that he wanted me in Acupuncture, and within a short while I was receiving twice weekly; Chiropractic sessions followed with Acupuncture, I would go to the beach/swim/snorkel/shower and on my way home get Massage Therapy, twice weekly.

At some point past the one year mark the insurance co. gave into repeated requests that I receive an MRI. After the MRI results I met with a Surgeon who told me that he could make 5 incisions into my neck two in front and three behind where he could go in and open the vertebra and provide some relief, he went on to say that though he does these all the time, that it is very serious and that I should give some serious thought first, and he recommended that if my therapies were getting results to stay the course.

I eventually got to the point where I was considered "stable" physically and I was released from my doctors care and future therapy and further claims on the insurance co.

I lived in Hawaii for a total of about 15 years, I never once thought that I would ever leave. Yet soon I would be in Florida in Massage School, I was Certified by the school, and sat for and passed the FL. Board of Massage Licensing Exam. While in school I took the CranaioSacral course with the Upledger Inst. and I also received the Reiki 1 & 2 Certifications. From Florida I moved to Costa Rica where I started my practice as a therapist, in 97 I moved to P.R. where I continued with my educational goals in related Therapies and now I am living in Vieques offering my services as a massage Therapist here.

I call my work Professional Therapeutic Massage from all the modalities that I have learned and incorporated into my own style of therapy, plus the years of experience I had receiving therapy. I like to tell people that; "Your muscles talk to my hands so that your session is very personal and effective."